Day Tripper

May 21, 2014

This post was inspired by the Turo (formerly Relay Rides) Road Trip Essentials Campaign. 
I received no compensation and all opinions are my own. 

You know what I love about summer? The perception of endless possibilities. Summer always seems to present an air that anything is possible, a never ending supply of fun times and memories. 

One of my favorite summer activities is taking road trips. It really doesn't matter how far I'm driving, as long as I'm going somewhere. The destination isn't the only good thing though.

And to that, I of course have a list. 5 necessities for the ultimate road trip.

Five - An Awesome Destination
Ok, I know this is kind of hypocritical to what I just said up there, BUT, if you know you're headed somewhere awesome it just adds to the feel of the trip.  

Four - Time
This one may seem like a cop out but I assure you it's valid. Would you rather rush through a trip or take some time to smell the great outdoors. Besides, how else do you get a chance to stop for the detours?

Three - A camera
If you're not bringing a camera on a road trip, you're doing life wrong. How else are you going to capture all the hilarious things that won't make sense when you retell the stories to other people? Besides, pictures are worth a thousand words. 

Two - A down-for-anything Co-pilot
This person is the Danny Zucko to your Kenickie. Your second. They're going to take over when you get too tired, they're going to sing along with you, and they're going to point out all the wacky things you just have to stop and see.

One - Good music. 
This ranks #1 for me because you don't need company to have a great road trip. It helps for conversation and picture taking but I can have a good time by myself. Music, however, is key. It sets the tone for the drive and your mood. My personal favorites are all over the board. Seriously, I'll listen to everything from Madonna to Dave Matthews; Metallica to Rebelution. It's all perfect summer music.

Do you have any road trips planned for this summer? Where to?

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