Love Affair

June 20, 2014

It all started when she was a child. It was her first crush. At the time she didn’t know it would turn into something more, something bigger. He came to visit every year and she was excited simply by his presence. When it was time for him to leave her days were a little less bright; gray and clouded. She liked him a lot, never knowing how powerful a feeling it would become.

As she grew up she started to realize how important his visits were. He didn’t just show up alone. He brought possibilities, adventure, and fun stories. Everything seemed brighter when he was around. He made her feel like anything was possible. She made the most of their time together. Sometimes they had special adventures with others that she’d come to reflect on later in life, other times they just spent time together, sharing warm kisses and laughter.

Years later he still made his visits. Only now, she didn’t have as much time for him. She made plans when she could, spent time where she was able, but more often than not, life got in the way. She now had obligations and responsibilities. He waited for when she was available but she regretted not being able to spend time together the way they used to. Their relationship had changed.

Changed but not broken. He still gives all he can while asking for nothing in return. He still offers adventure, laughter, and memories. The hugs are still warm and the kisses like no other, taken as often as they can be. When she first started to fall for him, she just thought it was a passing crush. She could never have known their’s would turn out to be her greatest love affair of her life.

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