Friday Favorites: 80s Edition

March 06, 2015

Friday's should be reserved for favorite things, am I right? I mean, it is the start of the weekend after all. This month, I’m doing a mini-series. Every Friday is going to be dedicated to a list of some of my favorite things. So for the first installment I give you...

This list is obviously not all inclusive because there are just waaayyy to many favorites to name. These however are movies that I probably watch, on average, 3 times a year. That may not seem like a lot, but to watch a movie, repeatedly that you’ve seen countless times.... And without further ado.

The Breakfast Club (1985)
This is one of those movies. It’s funny, and touching and just really damn special. It can’t be disliked. And if you do dislike it, feel free to click that little red x because we can’t go further than right now.

The Princess Bride (1987)
The first time I ever saw this was during one of those elusive “movie days” in school. I pretty much fell for it right then and there. Princesses, danger, sword fights...  my Disney loving heart was in heaven. As I got older, I realized how funny the movie actually is.

Gremlins (1984)
I just want my very own box. They’re cute and cuddly and OMG SO FLUFFY! Seriously though, why can no one follow the rules??

Pretty in Pink (1986)

That right there? Is my favorite line in the whole movie. It’s the entire movie summed up in one sentence. We’ve all been there.

Dirty Dancing (1987)
This may truly be my #1 on this list. This movie is everything. It panders to my oldies loving heart, it’s got Patrick Swayze, it’s got the good girl falling for the “bad” guy during a summer fling, and it just warms me heart and soul. I never tire of this. If it’s on TV, I watch it no matter what. {Fun Fact: After I finished watching Burlesque Thursday night I was flipping through the channels... and it was on. So you know what happened.}

That’s it for today’s post, otherwise we’ll be here until 2080. What are your 80s favorites?

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