Friday Favorites | The Internet

March 27, 2015

Holy shit I made it through the month! Seriously, if I couldn't keep up with my own "series" there was a problem. It's Friday so we're wrapping up the Friday Favorites series with my favorite internet funnies. every single one of these images had me laughing for way too long. Hopefully one will do the same to you!

Tell me this isn't true....

It's true and I apologize for nothing.

I've had this one pinned forever. It's just too funny... and adorable!

This one kills me. I don't care if it's photoshopped or not. It cracks me up. 

And as much as this would actually suck, it's kind of hilarious.

Sometimes I look at my smoothie after I've made it and this is exactly what I'm thinking.

Dead. Went into a coughing fit I was laughing so hard. K didn't think it was all that funny. Of course he has a shitty sense of humor, so there's that. 

And on that note, a single Friday letter:

Dear Internet, I love you.

Happy Friday!

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