I Confess...

July 08, 2015

It's been a while since I've gone to confession, so here we are. Confessing things.  

+ Some days I want to just pack up my sentimental belongings, my clothes, and my fur kids and just bounce. I want to be on permanent vacation.

+ I took my daily lunch walk down 6th Avenue last week and noticed that there were more people than usual. Sure it was gorgeous out but there were people everywhere

+ I really dislike not being able to buy what I want when I want it but I know that putting myself on a ban was the smart thing to do. 

+ Occasionally I get so tired of working out. Sometimes a well timed stomach virus would be great.

+ Although I swore I'd never do it, last week, for like 5 minutes, I entertained the idea of moving back home. 

+ I think I'm ready for it to be fall now. I hate walking to work only to be coated in sweat and I'm tired of smelling hot, urine soaked streets during my lunch break. 

+ I think I want to get rid of my heels. I never wear them anymore because a) I have no reason to, and b) I've reached old lady status and no longer live by the mentality of 'who cares if my feet hurt, my shoes are hot!'

+ I'm counting the days until Labor day weekend. Not because I have plans, but because it's time off from work. 

You guys, I think I've officially entered the dog days of summer. Woof!

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