2015 Faves

December 23, 2015

Two freaking days you guys! I can hardly stand it. My Christmas cheer showed up very late this year but it's here and better late than never, amiright?  As the year winds down I can't help but mentally scan through the last 12 months recalling all the good times I've had and things I've experienced. 

+ Spotify. I'm soooo late boarding this train but I appreciate y'all making room for me! When I tried Spotfiy a few years ago I hated it. It wouldn't work right and lessbehonest, I just wasn't going to take the time to figure it out. This year I trialed my music-loving heart out and then subscribed without hesitation. ALL THE MUSIC!!!! 

+ GRADUATION! Although I completed my final semester in December 2014, I walked in, and am an official member of, the graduating Class of 2015. All the damn feels.

+ Oracle Cards. I started using these during the summer and I absolutely adore them. I couldn't decide between 2 decks, so obviously I bought them both. I find them to be really helpful at gaining clarity on certain matters. 

+ I fed a giraffe. While the parents went back to Jamaica in September, Little Miss and I had our own vacation and we had a blast. If there's anything that could rival a Caribbean vacay, it's spending time with this cherub. We packed a lot of fun into just one week.

+ The Beets Blu Digital Scale. I may have received this in exchange for a review but I would have mentioned it anyway. This scale is amazeballs. So much so that I said See ya... Bye! {anyone get the reference? Just me... ok.} to my FitBit scale and now only use this. First of all, the app on my phone talks to me. Secondly, it tells me my weight, BMI, body fat percentage, lean muscle mass percentage, and my bone density percentage. This little square knows all my late night taco secrets. 

+ Apple everything. I know I turned my back on Apple for a little while, but now I'm back to rocking my rose-colored glasses. It started when my Mom bought me an iPad last year. Then I switched to the 6s Plus. And then...  I discovered Apple Music. If I'm being honest, I also want a leather case... and the Beats headphones... and if I'm being greedy, a MacBook Air. Just because.

+ Jamaica. How could this not make the list?! This was by far the best vacation of my life. I ate my weight, hung out with my mom, earned a hardcore sunburn, and cried when I had to put shoes on for the first time in a week.

+ Penis for everyone. My BWB got married in March and for her Bachelorette party, I made a penis cake. She gave the reaction I was aiming for and I realized I'm pretty badass in the kitchen.

+ Rowdy bitches unite! I absolutely freaking adore these girls! Like, heart-eye emojis all over the place. Dani, Jen, Alyssa, and I went down the shore for a day this summer. It was all fun and games until we got kicked out of the beach bar. And then it became a hilarious misadventure that I will never forget.

+ All the fall things. Then there was that time the four of us showed fall who's the boss and had the bloggiest fall day that could ever be had. Hay rides, pumpkin picking, apple cider donuts... all topped off with A+ conversation at Cream Ridge Winery. 

+ Confessions. This year I admitted some things I didn't want to come clean about. It was cool though because lots of you shared the sentiments.

+ Yoga. This year I participated in some pretty badass yoga events. Alyssa and I went and found stillness amidst madness for Summer Solstice and at the start of fall we united with just under 10,000 yogis in Central Park for the Lole event where we practiced with Elena Brower, Colleen Saidman-Yee, and Rodney Yee. Following we got a mini concert from Ingrid Michaelson. #humbled

Believe it or not, we're in there, 2nd block from the bottom left. 

It's both funny and not surprising at all that this year was everything I imagined it would be. I had been looking forward to 30 for soo long, and although I turned 31 a little less than a month ago, I spent the majority of the year as a 30-year-old. It was everything I expected it to be... and so much more.

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