Best Reads of 2015

December 29, 2015

A double dose of Show Us Your Books? How do you pass that up!? Oh right, you don't!

Today it's all about that bass the favorites of 2015. Part of me feels like I hardly read anything but I know that's not true. Goodreads says so. 

With proof like that I knew there had to be some favorites in there somewhere. Here's what I loved in 2015. 

1) The Giver / Lois Lowy
I can't believe I only read his for the first time this year. Yet, I'm glad I did. I don't know if my younger (high school) self would have been able to draw such meaningful conclusions about this book. They made it into a movie in recent years and I have to say, even that was pretty decent. Everyone needs to read this book. 

2) Food: A Love Story / Jim Gaffigan
This book had me absolutely dying of laughter. There were so many passages where I felt like I was reading things that were from my own thoughts.

3) Living With Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace, and Joy / Mallika Chopra
This book. When I read this over the summer I was just starting on my spiritual journey and it resonated with me so deeply. My copy is full of notes and highlights and it's become a treasure. Spirituality aside, it's an excellent book if you're looking to refocus or find your way.

4) Saint Anything / Sarah Dessen
This was the first book I read for the Literary ladies book club and I immediately fell in love with it. YA has always been a favorite genre of mine and Dessen did not disappoint. So much so that I actually picked up another of her books later on in the summer.

5) Joyland / Stephen King
This was my first Stephen King and for that reason I know I'll never forget it. I was always intimidated by the size of his books {and still am kind of} but this was a great way to ease into his collection.

6) Find the Good / Heather Lende
I stumbled upon this one at the library one day and knew I needed to read it. It's filled with short feel good stories and a few of them even had my eyes watering.

7) Doctor Sleep / Stephen King
Clearly I fell in love since he's making the list twice. This was on my TBR list before I even started reading King. It's basically a sequel to The Shining. A much later sequel. But you don't need to read The Shining to get what's going on. This book was a page turner for me and I couldn't put it down - all good signs!

8) The Two-Family House / Lynda Cohen Loigman
When I posted about this for Booked Vol. 2 I could not praise it enough. And then I had a mini fan girl moment because the author commented on my blog. Say whaaaaa?! This book is just plain good. Take my word, do yourself a favor, and read it.

9) What I Know for Sure / Oprah Winfrey
This was another random library pick-up. I've never been an Oprah follower but I like her enough from the few episodes I had seen of her show. Plus she does the 21-Day meditation challenges with Deepak, so I was interested in reading this. I'm glad I did because it gave me some background on her while giving me some insight into her life lessons. Some of which resonated deeply as they're things I also know for sure.

10) Carrie / Stephen King
I think it's safe to say that my King love affair started this year. There is absolutely no going back. I had seen the movie years ago, and only the prom scene, but I knew the gist of the story. The book? So much better! {obviously} It gave me the whole story, and some "inside looks" at Carrie and I highly recommend the book, even if you have seen the movie.

11) Mad About the Hatter / Dakota Chase
I had received this book as an ARC from Net Galley and I was immediately {and still am} pulled in by the cover art. In typical Wonderland fashion this book had me tumbling down the rabbit hole. This book wasn't anything like Alice in Wonderland, but instead a completely new spin on an already dizzying tale.

12) The Lovely Bones / Alice Sebold
I had put off reading this for a long time... like I do most books on my TBR list. I finally read it for the summer challenge and I'm glad I did. This book was really sad but in a closure kind of way.

I absolutely recommend all 12 of these books if you've never read them. Now I'm off to find out what you loved in 2015!

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