Things From Thanksgiving

December 02, 2015

While I was home last weekend I spent all my time with Little Miss. She is probably my absolute favorite person ever. If you're not an Aunt, or an Uncle, be one. I don't care how you do it, just make it happen.

That being said, here are a few "confessions" that went down last weekend.

Little Miss was giving signs she had to use the potty so I asked if she needed to go and she says "yes because the pee won't stay still". Don't you just hate when that happens!?

When we sat down for dinner the night before Thanksgiving I asked if she was going to eat all her dinner and she says, "yeah, I'm gonna nom it!"  Hilarious! Nom is the best word ever. 

She was doing something and I said "she'll be fine". She mimics me and says, "yeah, I'll be fine. Unless I get hit by a car." What!?

Talking to my dad about K watching YouTube videos all the time and he says, "well, at least he's not watching porn". Annnnd this conversation has become sufficiently awkward....

We're in line at target and she's babbling so I'm mostly ignoring her. Then she says something that caught my ear so I asked her to repeat it. She says, "say no to fomo" Allllrighty then!

While sitting outside with my dad they see a cop that had pulled someone over (since the trees are bare you can see the highway). He tells her that the cop pulled somebody over because they were speeding and we're going to get a ticket. She says, "I better not run across the yard very fast because I don't want a ticket. And then he will put me in the back of the car and that would be bad".   

We're sitting at the table having lunch and she's being a pain and not eating so I tell her she's not being a nice girl. She tells me she's mad. She takes a bite and then says, around a mouthful of stuffed shell, "now I'm happy because you're my friend". Heart = melted.

When talking to the parents about sponsored posts my dad makes the comment that my mom should look into it {if only it were that easy} to which she responded that she's not a blogger. Immediately Little Miss responded with, "but I am!" She's definitely in training!

Little Miss was eating her ice cream but was acting up a little. My mom says "I don't think you're being funny" and Little Miss responds right away with "but I'm funny!" She sooo is!

Seriously, this kid makes me laugh so hard!

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