5 Things I Learned at Chuck E. Cheese

April 18, 2016

Last Thursday Little Miss turned four. Part of me is all, This is so awesome! We can do more fun things now. We can go to Disney soon! and another part of me is screaming, Where the hell has the time gone?! Please stop growing, I need you to stay small forever! Either way, I'm feeling some feels.

I decided that she needed to have a classic birthday "party". And by that I mean we went where all kids dream of spending the day - Chuck E. Cheese's. First, let me just say that when I was a kid, we spent a lot of time here. And by a lot, I mean probably four times ever. The thing is, it was such a magical place. Pizza, games, an animatronic band of mice - no really, they were a band on a stage and you could crawl under the stage because it looked like swiss cheese with the holes and everything - an epic ball pit... it was a kid's best day ever. Then there was that messy nonsense where pretty much all CEC's were shut down. My adult brain says bankruptcy or something but I'm too lazy to Google to find out what really happened. Let's just say that the mice and humans were having negotiation issues and things got a little cheesy {ha...} But anyway, I digress...

The point is Little Miss had never been to Chuck E. Cheese and it's been ages since I was there. So we went. 

Here are some observations:

1| Chuck E. Cheese's is a hell of a lot more expensive than it used to be. Of course, this could be because this time around I was footing the bill, either way, it's not cheap. 

2| When in a place like this, kids have no parents. These little monsters just run around being obnoxious with no regard for other kids. Add to that I watched some kid trip and fall and sit there crying his face off. No parent even acknowledged him, "not my kid? Keep moving!" 

3| The pizza is infinitely better than when I was a kid. Like, if I could order take out from CEC I might actually order a pie from them and call it a night. 

4| The maze that is bolted into the ceiling? It's more painful than I recall. My knees are about 23 years too old to be crawling around in a hard plastic tube. Let's not even discuss that fitting into the tubes, in general, requires some contortionist-like skills. 

5| Parents are failing their kids. Since when do you not pick up a dropped token or pull forgotten tickets from a game? Unclaimed? Correction CLAIMED! I don't get it. Maybe it's just my 90s kid mentality but I can't help but walk into a place like and scan the floor non-stop for dropped tickets or tickets. I mean, that's just what you do! 

Empty wallet, excess calories, and battered knees aside, Little Miss had a great time. My mom and I managed to win her 300 tickets so she picked out a few little prizes. On the way home we stopped for ice cream. Because what day isn't complete without it? 

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