Caring for Curls

March 24, 2017

If there's one thing I get complimented on the most, it's my hair. When I was in middle school a few people actually asked me if it was a perm. I'm pretty sure that's the only time in my entire life I've ever been offended. You wish a perm came out looking like this!

Even though it ain't no thang to me, I do realize most people are kind of impressed or amazed or whatever'd by my hair. It is pretty awesome. Post compliment I'm always asked what I do to it to "make it look like this". Honestly, nothing. But, I am going to share my hair care routine. 

First of all, my curl type is considered 3b/c, or curly with spiral/coils. Basically, that means I have tight, corkscrew curls. 

First, let's start from the beginning. 

When I was a kid my hair was always tied up in those hairbands with the balls on both ends. I had my first haircut, via Mom, when I was 12. From then on, controlling frizz was my main concern. As the years have passed I've learned what works {mousse} and what doesn't {anything that says no-frizz}. In February of 2016 I had my first professional haircut. 

When she asked what I used in my hair I thought she was going to keel over. At that time my routine was to use curl focused products like the Pantene or Tresemme curl lines. I'd start with the shampoo and then follow up with the conditioner. To style I'd then run the line's mousse through moderately wet hair and then let it air dry. Easy, maintained, flawless. Apparently this is all absolutely horrible for curly hair. Surprisingly, my hair was very healthy {cause I baby it!}. This was when I learned about sulfates and how they're not good and I should start moving to more natural products. As I go to a Deva trained stylist, she naturally suggests Deva products. Now that I've been schooled, here's how it goes.

DAY ONE: The Complete Process

Day one is the day that takes the longest. This is the day when my hair gets washed, conditioned, and styled. I start with a half dollar sized amount of my Low-Poo Original cleanser. The low poo means that it doesn't create all the suds like other shampoos.  Suds = sulfates = bad for curls. Instead, it almost looks as if there's nothing in my hair. 

After I've cleansed I move on to the One Condition Original daily cream conditioner. This conditioner is 100% paraben, sulfate, and silicone free. The first time I used it I was sure I didn't use enough because my hair didn't have that slippery feeling with my old products. That slippery feeling is because of the additives, like silicone, and it's not something you want. I stick to only using a half-dollar amount even though my instinct is to use more. Once it's in I use a wide tooth comb to gently rake through my tangles. I do this until I can run my fingers through mostly without issue. Curly hair will tangle no. matter. what. Then I clip it up and finish my shower. 

At this point my hair is soaking wet. There is a right/wrong way to dry hair. When you see someone take the towel and shake it through their hair - wrong. This causes breakage and damages the hair shaft. What you should be doing is taking a microfiber towel, or cotton t-shirt, flipping your hair over, and scrunching from the bottom up. The idea isn't to dry my hair, but to squeeze out excess water. 

Once the extra water is gone I add in a generous amount of Styling Cream. Deva also offers a styling gel but this is what my stylist first used and I personally love the way it smells and its ease of use. Once the styling cream is in I blow-dry my hair upside down, alternating between warm and hot heat. Drying upside down adds some extra volume to my roots when I shake it out. After I'm dry {this is the part that takes the longest}, I "shake out" my curls. Basically, this means I take my hand into my roots and give it a slight shake which adds overall volume. 

And just like that, perfectly styled hair. 

At the end of the day I pineapple my hair. This is that "top knot" the rest of you thought was oh so trendy last year. 😐 Seriously. I've been rocking that since 1996. Putting my hair up like this guarantees that I'm not pulling on my curls while sleeping. It's also the best way to move on to second day hair with minimal effort.

DAY TWO: The Refurb

It's possible that day two hair can be better than day one. In the morning I take down the pineapple, wet my hands, and scrunch my hair from the bottom. This essentially "reactivates" the styling cream. From here I usually leave my hair down for the day.

DAY THREE: Messy hair, don't care

Day three is one of my favorites because it's a built-in lazy day. Typically, my hair stays in its pineapple from the second night. I fix any flyaways with argan oil and let it be. Once a week, or at the end of day three, I will use Heaven in Hair, which is an intense moisture mask, and let it do its thing for 20+ minutes. I rinse it out, wide tooth comb it and then let it air dry with zero product. 

If I'm super lucky, I can get a day 4 out of my hair. This is only used in extreme circumstances {read: ultimate laziness} and rare, but it can happen....

Day 4 hair

And that's how I handle my curls.  There's no secret and it's all very simple. My old routine required less steps but I'm willing to put in the extra effort knowing that I'm actually taking care of my curls. Plus, if I can get 3-day hair for 30 minutes of work, I'm all for it. 

Do you have a hair care routine? What do you do/use?

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  1. Your hair is gorgeous! It's always awesome to find a hair routine...makes life so much easier.

  2. I've always had long, if fine, hair, and been rocking the "pineapple" as you call it (always just been a "messy bun" to me, this topknot nonsense can get out) forever too. And I've always sworn that "second day hair is best day hair."

  3. You do have the prettiest curls I think I've ever seen. I love them.

  4. People ask me all the time if I owe my, just no