March 02, 2017

In true fashion I'm late to the party. In my defense I was born a week late so obviously lateness is hard-wired into my DNA.

Late or not I'm here for the party. Here are the things I'm currently obsessed with and can't stop recommending lately.

You guys. Obsession is a freaking understatement. I listen to this album every damn day. They were recommended to me and I went to Spotify, hit shuffle and fell in love in 30 SECONDS. Honestly, it was probably like 10. This band is life right now. They're opening for The Lumineers in March so I'm headed to Georgia to hang with my cousins and take in the show. You know you've turned hipster when you go to a concert solely to see the opening act.

I know this sounds ridiculous because helloo... but I'm not one to shell out $5 for a coffee every morning. Except I have been. Since November. I regret nothing. Lots of my drinks have been free. Of course there's also been a lot of card reloading. I think I'm just addicted to the stars.

Kevita beverages
I mentioned this in my hipster post but I wasn't exaggerating. I'm seriously obsessed with this stuff. This ACV tonic was beyond delicious.

I've been drinking this and other probiotic drinks pretty much non-stop. 

I'm in the process of finishing up the decor in the living room and I stumbled upon Chicfetti while looking for some free prints. I absolutely adore this site. Lots of adorable inspiration and pages on pages on pages of 100% free printables. I also found prints I liked at Oh So LovelyIndieFixx, and Little Gold Pixel.

Brussel Sprouts
I avoided these like the plague for the longest. I don't like cabbage and these look like baby cabbage, therefore, my gray matter says they also taste like cabbage. I don't remember how or why I had them but roasted brussel sprouts are AMAZING. I've been roasting them and other veggies tossed in EVOO, salt, pepper, and garlic pretty much every week. Hello healthy guilt free lunches!

There's a look at what I've been obsessing over lately. How about you? Is there anything new that I need to try?

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  1. i LOVE roasted brussel sprouts! they're so amazing and easy to make

  2. Brussels sprouts are the best, I could eat them every day. That Chicfetti site is so cute! I think I'll be lost in there for awhile now.

  3. dude. brussel sprouts? nuh uh. no way no how.

  4. I want to find some cute printables for the kitchen and bathroom, so thanks for sharing!

    Brussels sprouts are amaaaaazing. There's a place in Bloomfield, Essex Junction, that has a B-sprouts appetizer to die for. It's near where I used to pick you and Dani up for road trips, and it's a craft bar. Check it out for sure, and get the sprouts.

  5. Do you do ACV in water? I wanna try it haven't started yet. Where do you get your Kevita?

  6. I looooove brussels! And I need to make a good gallery wall in my office so I'm checking out those printable sites now. And I need new music. Adding so many things to my list. Thanks for joining in!

  7. I am checking out those printables right now! Those Starbucks stars are so addicting!