April 25, 2017

Can you believe April is already over? I feel like it just started. Then again, I'm desperately wishing summer would hurry up and get here already. Here are my shares for this month!

Seared tuna/quinoa bowls
I realize this sounds kind of ridiculous, especially if this is something you already eat, but in the last two months I've become incredibly obsessed with seared tuna atop my quinoa bowls or salads. It's not at all gross {like I wrongly assumed} and it honestly doesn't have any true flavor, it's sort of a blank canvas. Either way, it's GOOD!

Joe Santagato
I've been following Joe for a while and he never ceases to crack me up. He has videos where he makes fun of tweets and Facebook posts from well, idiots of the internet. These are tweets he ripped apart.

It's his commentary that gets me, but if you're easily offended, it's probably not for you.

Gold's Gym 430i Treadmill
I bought this at the beginning of April and it was delivered last week and I absolutely love it. It's one of the best investment purchases I've made since I bought my furniture. I've always liked to walk for quick fitness and now I can do so at anytime. The best part was that I got it for a steal.

If you need me, I'll be walking and Netflix binging.

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  1. I'm so happy my parents got me a treadmill for Christmas, I've definitely been loving it. OMG those tweets, that's terrible. I can't believe those people have existed this long without sticking a fork in a light socket.

  2. I love bowls of all types right now. Never thought of tuna on there though, I'm not sure why. Great idea.

  3. I ate a poke bowl today with tuna and salmon on it - so, so good. I love all raw tuna/tartar/type things... better than chicken, which has been kind of grossing me out lately.

  4. I need to find a good show and force myself to go to the neighborhood gym and watch it. It was the best motivator for me. A seizure salad made me LOL. Thanks for posting your favorites!