Snapped Vol. 3

May 03, 2017

I'm back on my "cut back on social media" train but I still managed to play around with my second favorite app. Here's what I've been snapping lately. 

This one was sent to me by my friend. She's an X-Ray tech and she's always sending me awesome snaps of broken bones and skeletons. 

SC filter or real life? The world may never know. 

This picture sums up everything that is wronf with working in NYC. I deal with this about 3x a week. 

And Jesus said, give them coffee and all was right with the world. 

Though I will say this was probably the most ergonomically comfortable mouse I've ever used. 

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  1. That commuting picture though! No thanks!

  2. Your commuting pic makes me glad I'm a small town girl :) That broken bone snap is cool, though! And the car wash line is the same everywhereeeeee. Ha. I hate that!

  3. HA - I'm a commuter too! (Did we discuss that?) I'm NYC to LI and it. is. a. living. NIGHTMARE. Yesterday there was LITERAL sewer water pouring out of the ceiling in Penn Station. I can't.