Committed in July

June 28, 2017

Last week I mentioned how I feel like my life is completely out of control. If my saying so wasn't enough, perhaps when I talked about when life gets real paints a better picture. In short, I haven't really been feeling like myself. I'm tired, I have no energy, and I'm more or less "over" everything. 

The upside is, I know what my problem is. It may have taken a few weeks for it to truly sink in but it has and I'm ready to tackle it. 

What's a good challenge without some goals, amiright?!

1| Working out
This is the big ticket item. I have become so lax about working out {read: I'm not} and it's majorly affecting me in a way that I can pinpoint and ultimately, do something about. As such, I'm committing to hit the gym every Saturday {that I'm home} to a) get a work out in, and b) ease my way back into a fitness routine. Both my nutritionist and I think this is the easiest way to do it so that I'm not subconsciously overwhelming and sabotaging myself. Any one of you is welcome to check in on me and keep me accountable. 

2| Read a book
I burned out from reading really bad back in 2015. Sure, I read last year but it was semi-forced. I truly miss reading but nothing has been catching my eye or my attention lately. I have books on my shelf at home that I "want to read" but in actuality have been in that purgatory for some time. A few have been there for 5+ years. Clearly I don't really want to read those books. Rather than force it and ultimately hate it, I'm committing to reading one book. If I read one and feel the urge/find another, so be it. But my goal is one. 

3| Build the savings
As much as I hate to admit this, I dip into my savings almost every month to cover something. Obviously this is a terrible habit and I'm determined to break it. So... I'm committing to honoring my savings goals. It's not a huge chunk of change but over time it adds up nicely. 

4| Create a bedtime routine
We all know I'm super lazy simple about my skincare routine. Naturally, I've developed the bad habit of not washing my face before bed. I'm committing to making a 3-step bedtime process {brush teeth; wash face; moisturize}. This should be simple enough that I'm able to stick with it.

And those are my 4 goals for the month.  What about you? Are you trying to make or break any new habits?

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  1. gahhh!! i cringed at the not washing your face before bed! that's so awful for your skin :(
    here's a way to create the habit -- the second you come home and you're not going anywhere, wash your face....then when bedtime rolls around, you can go straight to bed!

    1. I do this too!
      Or I usually shower at night so my hair doesn't take so long to dry in the morning, so I'll wash my face in the shower.

  2. Good luck with your goals! I NEED to start working out. I've decided that starting Monday I need to just go to the gym & run for at least 30 minutes. I have no excuse not to. My apartment has a gym & I can find 30 minutes to go. I also WANT to start reading more. I'm thinking less Netflix & more running/reading.

  3. That's a great word for this month, I like it. I wish you lots of luck, but I think you'll rock it!

  4. Wow - your list completely mirrors mine in terms of things I'm slacking on and would love to pick back up (well, minus the bedtime routine in terms of skincare - but I DO need a better sleep schedule). It's really hard to get this stuff in when things are busy and crazed but it's all really important. I haven't worked out in SO's not cute.

  5. I agree with Kathy, wash face as soon as you get home. Hope you feel better soon love I get the "over everything" phases all too well lol

  6. I agree with Kathy! I used to be bad about washing my face before bed too but I turned it into a habit and now I literally always do -- even if I'm coming home hella late and have been drinking, at least a baby wipe to get off the majority of it. You will be happy you created this habit, do itttttt!
    I think starting with one book, one gym day, are good ideas. It's easy to say you're going to go crazy and do a big overhaul but it's hard to make happen, and then you get frustrated with yourself and quit everything. Baby steps are still steps in the right direction!