Three on Thursday

July 27, 2017

1| Family Ties

Did you guys know Nicolas Cage is Francis Ford Coppola's nephew?! Jason Schwartzman too. I got lost in Wikipedia looking at the Coppola family tree the other day and this info kind of just blew my mind. I guess I just feel like for being part of such a legendary family {his real last name IS Coppola} he'd be a better actor...  then again, they're kind of a family of directors.

2| External Life

J has this external battery for his phone and it's pretty awesome. I've had it in my Amazon cart for the longest but when I was about to buy it, decided to hold off and see what was good with Prime Day. I'm glad I did because I got it for under $19 {from $26}. This little baby fits in my pocket and charges super quick. I guess what I'm saying is, meet my new BFF.

3| Haters

I was reading this Refinery29 article the other day about the most hated thing in each state and they compiled some info about the most hated things in all 50 states. Not surprisingly, NY hates Times Square and Massachesetts hates Eli Manning {hahahahaha}. But some of the things were just weird. WV hates Lyft. NV hates feminism. GA hates tuna salad.... seriously, go check it out.

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  1. LOL I'd say drinking alone is pretty accurate for MN. We're always trying to recruit people to do it with us. Texas too which I think that's more because it's usually just too damn hot to sleep with the window open. There are so many nights when I want to but then think I'd rather not wake up in a pool of sweat...

  2. Why would texas hate sleeping with the window open when theyre the hottest state - maybe they need AC? haha weird indeed. (read briannes comment after I typed that)

    Also an external battery is a lifesaver. Get one.

  3. 100% for Illinois and Iowa, I can vouch. People who bite string cheese are wrong, fact.
    And I did indeed know that about Nic Cage, but then again, I'm his biggest fan I'm almost positive.

  4. So we were talking about that map at work yesterday, which was funny because we're all from a few different places. My boss and I agreed that the answer for NJ should actually be "people who say NEW JOISEY when we tell them where we're from, since I only hate jellyfish like 4 days per year." But anyway, I learned that that map was created by a new dating app, which matches you with people based on what you hate. "Trump. Slow walkers. Paying extra for guacamole."

    1. Ugh, that close quote should have appeared like 10 words sooner. You know what I meant.

    2. Haha, Alyssa - if there was one for "Long Island" it would be outsiders calling it "Strong Island." VOM.

  5. External batteries are necessity. Blue has that one, and I have a smaller one by that company and it works great. I even have a phone charging wristlet lol. For some reason the battery drains super quickly, probably because it's old. Those are some pretty odd things to hate on (minus Eli Manning, which is just funny). I have to wonder how they compiled their "research" though; I know it's from the app but it's really weird that NJ's is jellyfish.