Peace Out April

May 03, 2018

Hello May. I've been long awaiting your arrival, and warmer weather. Now that you're here I'm ready to do all the fun outside things. But before that, let's pay some respects to April. 

Series of Unfortunate Events
I watched season 1 last year and I fell in love with this show. Season 2 was released at the end of March and I watched all 10 episodes within the first week of April. What can I say? Binge watching is my thing.

I went to dinner with  two friends at Philippe in NYC one night. I'll be upfront and say the entire meal was comped {yay!} but it was seriously delicious. We ate all the things and had a great time.  Not sure how we're going to top it at the next happy hour, but we'll try.

Food Adventures
I happily watched this...

be turned into this... and it was udderly {pun intended} amazing! 

I've finally fallen into a routine that is working for me. I do personal training every Tuesday night and I make a point to go to the gym every Saturday. On top of that I try to hit the gym during my lunch break at least twice a week. This is nice because it can be any of the 5 days and I primarily focus on cardio.


I kind of went off the shopping deep end a few weeks ago when I realized that none of my spring/summer clothes would fit me this season. You guys, real talk? I got fat this fall/winter. So, rather than try everything I own on and feel like shit I decided to hit up some sales and buy a few new pieces, try them at home, and return what I didn't love. I was going to take pictures but lazy.

Little Miss

Little Miss turned 6 this year and I'm now looking into serious methods for anti-aging. I can't believe she's SIX. She's smart, sassy, funny, sweet, annoying, loud, adorable, and I would be perfectly fine spending all of my time with her. All she asked for was a trampoline and when I opened the box to look at assembling it I felt like someone dropped me in an algebra class. Too many pieces... cannot compute.


The following weekend I went back to NY for the baptism of my friend's triplets. Also, she named me as a godparent. I'll be honest, I was honored but at the same time all I was thinking was does she know what she's doing??? 

I took an unplanned adventure into the city this past Saturday because it was a nice day. Walks, talks, good eats, and gorgeous horizons with someone special. That's my kind of day.


Oh yoga. I finally made it back to yoga at the end of the month after a 2 month hiatus. I was starting to feel extra stiff and less bendy than I'm accustomed to so I knew I couldn't keep putting it off. The heat, the movement, the centering.... it does the body good.

And with that, I'm very ready for summer to get here because I have some fun things planned for May.

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  1. Yay for getting back to yoga! That taco looks a-ma-zing!

  2. Going back to yoga is always so hard but amazing at the same time!