July 18, 2018

Last week, while everyone was losing their minds over the upcoming Nordstrom sale I was more focused elsewhere.

Prime Day

While I still think the marriage between Amazon and Whole Foods is the greatest thing since crazy feta {seriously, get you some!}, it doesn't benefit me as much as I'd wish. But, if you spent $10 at Whole Foods in the past 5 days, Prime members received a $10 Amazon credit to use on Prime day. Guess where I was on Friday.

I admit there's opportunity to spend money on things I don't actually need {looking at you 2016} but this year I was smart and knew what I was looking for then sat back as the deals rolled out. Even with the site and app crashing, here's a look at that I picked up.

Echo Dot Kids Edition

I bought this for Little Miss for Christmas. It will play kid-friendly music, as well as tell jokes, read stories, and answer questions. She's always asking to talk to Siri or Google, so this was a must. Cost: $47.97

Clarisonic Acne Facial Cleansing Brush Head

I'm not sure if it's hormonal changes {every 7 years!} or just this season but my face has been freaking out this summer. I'm in need to replacement heads so I picked this up at a steal. Cost: $18.71

Clarisonic Radiance Brush head - Twin Pack

This was another nice pick up. I don't plan on using the above brush head daily so these will work nicely. And at $27 each, I was thrilled to get a twin pack for less. Cost: $25

The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Body Butter

This was definitely an impulse purchase. However, I need a good, thick cream for the coming winter months when I get very dry. Cost: $11.99

NYX Studio Perfect Primer, Green

This was an impulse as well. But NYX primer for less than $7 was worth it to me. This primer is supposed to help eliminate redness, which I tend to have at times. Cost: $6.82

TWOBIU Popcorn Machine

I used to have an amazing popcorn maker... then someone melted it. We replaced it but the 2nd version just wasn't as good. I pretty much stole this. It was marked down for the sale AND the there was a coupon for $10 off. Guys I paid $4.96! I only do air-popped at home so I can't wait to pop a big bowl as I snuggle into the couch. Cost: $4.96

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

I have seen and ehard about this product non-stop. It's supposed to be amazing at removing makeup, etc. and I'm looking forward to trying it. Cost: $16.40

Amazon Fresh Delivery

This just happened to work out for me. I needed to hit the store and there was a promo for $30 off $100. So I picked up fresh produce, frozen 365 pizzas, lots of chicken breast, cheerios, hummus, TP and paper towels, and a few snacks for $100. All to be delivered to my door Friday before 7 am. Cost: 59.64

$50 J Crew gift card

I wasn't going to pass up a discounted gift card to a store I love. Better yet, a nice gift! Cost: $39.50

Kindle First Reads - All 6 July books

This was awesome! I got an email late in the afternoon about ALL the First Reads books being available for free to Prime users. I had already made my July selection but naturally I went and downloaded the other five - even the kid book. Frees books are free!

*       *       *

I'll admit I bought {a lot} more than I intended but I was selective in my purchases. 

Total cost: $230.99 - groceries {because these were needed and it's about what I would have spent in-store} = $171.35

All in all, that's not too shabby in my opinion. How about you? Did you score any good savings for Prime Day? 

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  1. not bad! the free books though...I didn't see that one. then again, i logged in, saw all the broken links, got mad and then forgot about it. the stuff i really wanted wasn't on sale but i bought them anyway *shrug*

  2. I didn't participate in Prime Day but I'm kind of glad I didn't because all those technical difficulties would have made me rage. You got some great stuff though! I didn't know there was a kid's edition of the Dot; that's such a great gift! I'm interested in hearing how Amazon Fresh works for you. After they changed their Pantry free shipping policy I've been boycotting.

  3. Ok so I wasn't getting your posts and then I realized that, on bloglovin, I had to follow here - and not this one - Just in case you didn't know that! It doesn't work when I click your name through disqus either, FYI.