October 19, 2018

We're a little more than halfway through October and I feel like it's been some time since I've done one of these so, here we go. 

Reading: Hippie by Paulo Coelho. I wasn't sure what to expect since the only book I know by him is The Alchemist but I'm enjoying this. I'm also trying to stay on top of my NetGalley reads. 

Watching:  The Man in the High Castle. Season 2 came out on Amazon Prime on the 5th. It's such a great show about dystopian society if the Germany had won the war.

Eyeing: This sweater from L.L.Bean. I'm a sucker for cable knit and this one looks beyond cozy. I'd take it in beige or navy. And this super cute sweater from J. Crew. I love the color!

Saving:  Per the above, I'm saving all my dollas for bigger things. 

Making: I figured out my Halloween costume several weeks ago and knew that I was going to need to hand make part of it. I've been working on it so I can get it just right. Stay tuned for a post on my costume next week!

Listening: I was just turned on to Jacob Banks so I've been listening to him a lot, and my boss told me to listen to Citizen Cope. LOVE! Turns out I'd actually heard a few of his songs and never knew. 

Eating: I've been using my crockpot every weekend but I've also been trying to do more at home. Chicken and white bean soup; chicken noodle soup; cheesy chicken and rice.

Buying: I'm making a concentrated effort to keep this to necessities only. I'm trying really hard to focus on paying off cards. 

Going:  To mom's tonight. It will be an in-n-out trip but the Halloween party is this weekend so I'm looking forward to that. 

Thinking: That everything that's currently going on in politics is mind numbing, overwhelming, and terrifying.

Doing: I've been trying to start The Great Purge of 2018 but I've been a bit delayed in my quest to be organized and efficient. I'm a lister by nature so I've been making a list of all the places and spaces I want to tackle now through the end of the year. I'm not an extreme minimalist but I firmly believe less is more. 

How about you - what have you been up to lately?

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