What Up Wednesday

November 28, 2018

Not to humble brag {is this even bragging?} but...

It's my birthday!!!

34 years has come and gone awfully quick but like a fine wine, they're getting better with age. Aside from that, here's what's up with me.

Eating: all the fresh foods. I took a 3 week hiatus from clean eating {and I'm regretting it} so it's time to get back on the wagon.

Reminiscing about: Thanksgiving weekend - what an experience!

Loving: that Christmas is just around the corner.

I've been: making lists on lists of all the things I'll be doing before the end of the year.  

I'm dreading: all the drama involved with the Rockefeller tree lighting, which just so happens to be tonight. Happy birthday to me?

I'm working on: hopefully getting all my holiday decor up before the weekend.

I'm excited about: the day that's before me. I plan to ring in 34 in the best way I know how - with good company and food.

I'm watching/reading: There are T W O  days left in the film challenge and I determined to win. As such, books have been on hold... but! the category list for Erin's Challenge 10.0 gets released on Sunday morning and I'm looking forward to building my reading list for the first part of 2019.

I'm listening to: holiday music, jazz, and motown 

I'm wearing: jeans and OTK boots.  

This weekend I'm: going to see Michelle Obama in Brooklyn while she talks about her book!

Next month: I'm looking forward to my company's holiday party; going to Bryant Park's Winter Village; and going away for the weekend with the boyfriend... and of course Christmas and New Years.

Besides all that....

I'm counting my blessings, paying the bills, and trying to be a better person.

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