Currently: Holiday Edition

December 05, 2018

Happy December everyone!

Can you believe we're in the final month of 2018?! Me either! Even though I feel completely unprepared for the holiday, I've been bitten by the festivity bug.

Today I'm linking up with Anne from In Residence to give you a peek at what I'm up to currently.

Gifting: Every year my company participates in the NY Cares Winter Wishes program.  Last year was my first time participating and I was overjoyed with emotion to be able to make someone's holiday a bit happier. This year, my mom joined me and we bought for a total of 8 children. If you're more the donation type, it's a great cause.

Baking: I'm on a slight baking hiatus although I'm making use of my crockpots!

Singing: I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

Mailing: a few holiday cards. I used to mail out a ton but have since stopped.

Decorating: In keeping with my own personal traditions, I decorate the weekend following Thanksgiving. I have a post coming about my favorite holiday decor but here's a look at my tree.

Are you getting ready for the holiday hustle?

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