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December 18, 2018

I'm in full Christmas spirit this week doing all my elfly duties. In case you don't know, though I'm not sure how, Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday.

Everything about the Christmas season makes me happy. From the sparkling lights and ornaments, to the present wrapping, to the overall excitement that everyone has, everything about it makes me as happy as a Who.

Today I'm joining The Blended Blog to answer some festive questions.

Candy canes: yes/no?
Absolutely! I'm a big fan of the mint-chocolate ones that Hershey does.

Christmas morning early riser or sleep in?
I've always been an early riser but I think I strike a good balance by making the coffee, getting the garbage bags ready, and impatiently waiting for my niece to wake up.

Did you shop on Black Friday: yes/no?
This was the first year in 15 years that I didn't shop on Black Friday - not even online!  Cyber Monday was another story!

Christmas tree up in November: yes/no?
Typically I like to put it up the weekend following Thanksgiving. The calendar determines whether it's November or not.

Do you get holiday ideas from Pinterest: yes/no?
Not really. I barely use Pinterest as it is.

Christmas glam or ugly sweater?
Although I'm always amazed by Christmas glam I'm much more of an ugly sweater kinda gal. They're just too funny to pass up! This was the shirt I wore to my floor's sweater party.

Stocking stuffers: wrapped or unwrapped?
My mom always does them unwrapped. I do too, but sometimes I like to mix it up.

Traditional or modern Christmas songs?
Umm, all of them?  I suppose I prefer the traditional ones, but if we're calling Michael Buble or Mariah Carey "modern", then both.

Fruitcake: yes/no?
Does anyone actually like/eat this? I've never had it.

Is your Christmas shopping finished: yes/no?
Sure is! I did the majority of it online and only ended up buying a handful of things in person.

Is there snow in December where you live?
In my opinion, there should be - always - but here in the northeast the weather tends to fluctuate and do as it pleases. There's just something really special about a white Christmas.

Classic show: A Charlie Brown Christmas or Rudolph?
Well, I really do like them both but I will forever and always choose Rudolph over Charlie Brown.

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