Three on Thursday

December 13, 2018

I love when people share recommendations about products or things they like. You never know when you'll find something you love!

Potato Masher

I had no idea this thing could be so useful! I don't like single-use kitchen tools so this is wonderful to me. I still have yet to use it on potatoes, but it works wonders mashing up beef for tacos; mixing the cheese for stuffed shells; and making meatballs.

Wine Advent Calendar

I've always wanted one of these. I just think advent calendars are so fun. This link will give you a few options, whether you're looking for gin, whisky, N/A, rum, or tequila. Personally, I think I'll just buy 12 bottles and call it a wrap!

Reverse Advent Calendar

I saw this on Audrey Louise's blog and thought it was really awesome. It's a donation themed advent where each day you donate anywhere from $1 to $5 dollars based on the "task".

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