What's New With You - November

December 06, 2018

I feel as though I'm still trying to process the fact that we're already in December, but here we are. In a few short weeks Christmas will be here and we'll be saying goodbye to 2018.

In the mean time, here's what kept me going in November.

+ To start the month my mom and I flew down to Tennessee for the Punishers annual holiday party. While at the airport I practiced my basic skills and grabbed the reusable red cup from Starbucks. Once I was home and rested Sunday night, J and I went to dinner with friends at Wurstbar. 

+ Although I've been limiting my Amazon purchasing the phone case I was using had seen better days and was broken on the bottom. If you need a new one, it's a really good case for only $8! Since I always have plain black, I wanted something different and I ordered this pineapple  case
My training sessions come to an end soon and as much I want to renew them, I just can't. It's incredibly expensive and I need to learn to push myself on my own. To help, and to use anywhere, I ordered these resistance bands. I took them to Tennessee with me and I actually used them. Win!

+ I bought my NY Cares gifts from Amazon, as well as new lightening cables, night cream, a wifi outlet for the bedroom, a sequin shirt for my company holiday party, a pineapple phone case, and couch protectors.

+ I finished the bonus round of the Fall Film Challenge... and then watched a few lot more for bonus points. I do this challenge every year and it gets more difficult for me to find movies that I haven't seen.

+ Thanksgiving weekend was a whirlwind. I drove home early Thanksgiving morning so I didn't have to deal with Wednesday night's traffic. That same morning we drove out to Susquehanna, PA to volunteer at a local church serving Thanksgiving at a local church. It was a good experience and something I would do again.

That evening, things went differently than planned.

Since we volunteered we were going to do Thanksgiving Friday night and BYO pizza on Thursday. To keep a long story short, the oven wouldn't light on Thursday and the kitchen smelled like gas. I acknowledged the  "oven has died" elephant and we improvised and made the pizzas on the grill... in 15 degree weather.

The next morning we headed to Olum's to find a new oven. it was the easier process ever as we narrowed down what my mom was looking for and what she wanted to spend. We took it home that day {thank God for SUVs}, her and I hauled the old one out, my brother and I carried the new one in, and I played Ms. Fix it and reconnected everything. There were no leaks and we all woke up the next day.

The rest of the time I hung out with my mom and Little Miss, beat my brother at the trampoline park, and visited a craft fair. More than that, I did absolutely zero Black Friday shopping - a first in 15 years!

+ My birthday was great. We went to breakfast, did some shopping, went to a winery, had lunch, and went to dinner. All to be in bed before 10:30. My kind of day! And my presents were wonderful as well! My coworker got me a pair of Thanksgiving and birthday socks; my other coworker bought me a delicious pear and almond tart {which I inhaled on Tuesday}, my mom sent flowers to my office, my boss gave me money, and my boyfriend bought me Becoming, a beer from my favorite brewery, and we have an upcoming trip back to Maine! As I said, it was a great day.

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