What's Up Wednesday

December 19, 2018

As of Friday at 3:30 PM I'm officially off until after the new year. It's going to be glorious. Since we're wrapping up the month, and the year, here's what I've been up to.

Eating: roasted duck! I made a duck dinner last weekend, my first, and it came out amazing! I used this roasted duck recipe and I have to say, it was a piece of cake!

Reminiscing about: all of the things I did and places I went this year

Loving: my life and everything about it.

I've been: making plans and goals for 2019. 

I'm dreading: going to the gym for the next few months because of all the "new year, new me" members. Although I applaud them, there's nowhere to park!

I'm working on: purging the all the things I don't need. Physical space creates mental space {and vice versa}!

I'm excited about: being off from work until the new year.

I'm watching/reading: I'm finishing up Becoming and White Fragility

I'm listening to: curated playlists on Spotify. I've fine tuned it enough that the picks are accurate.

I'm wearing: sweats, yoga pants, and all the comfy clothes.

This weekend I'm: heading to mom's for the holiday.

Next month: I like to ease into the new year but I'm really going to bear down and get back into yoga in the next few weeks. I've been noticing that I feel stiff more often than not and I need to change it.

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