What's New - December

January 03, 2019

Part of me doesn't want to even discuss December. Not because it was bad, but a new year is here and I'm looking forward!

Nevertheless, it's time to link up with Kristen, and give a rundown of what I've been up to.

The first day of December saw me sitting in a sold out arena waiting to hear Michelle Obama talk about her book. This. was. awesome.

The following weekend I went back home to Maine to eat all the food and drink all the beer. If you've never been to Portland, I highly suggest you go. On our way up we took a minor detour in Kennebunk and drove past the Bush estate. RIP #41. On the way home we stopped in Rhode Island {I wasn't impressed} and Connecticut for a clam pie.

My floor at work had an ugly sweater party. It was nice to just relax, drink wine and laugh with coworkers.

That weekend I blew my culinary pants off and made roasted duck for dinner. This was something I'd never made so I was a bit worried but it came out wonderfully.

For Christmas Eve I decided I wanted to do Feast of Seven Fishes. It's an Italian-American Christmas Eve tradition filled with seven dishes of seafood. My mom didn't get why I was adamant about it {hello... seafood is amazing} but conceded due to peer pressure.. or because she didn't have to do anything. Either way, I won.

Since she doesn't like a lot of seafood {the good stuff} I kept it simple.

Christmas was great. I decided to start doing annual pics with everyone in front of the tree. Out family doesn't really have any set traditions and I think it's important we start. This picture will be hard to beat.

After Christmas, J and I went to Richmond for the weekend and then came back in time for a very low key New Year's Eve. I think I'm going to do a separate post because there's just so much. But for now, there are murals everywhere, we saw Faberge eggs, the Robert E. Lee memorial, and visited a bar where you pour your own.

And with that, I say goodbye to 2018!

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