I Was Today Years Old When....

March 06, 2019

I pride myself on being a fairly intelligent person. Math tends to elude me but general knowledge and common sense I can handle. I play Jeopardy almost every night so even my actual intelligence, or knowledge of facts, is going up.

Unfortunately, here are nine things that have just slipped right past me.

1. I realized that "pub" was short for "public house".

2. When making potatoes you're supposed to put them in and bring it to a boil, not after the water starts boiling {in my defense I've known this since 2012}.

3. The phrase is "hard as hail" not "hard as hell".

4. NEWS is an acronym for Notable Events, Weather, and Sports. {I still think this is only a well thought of coincidence, but I like it.}

5. "Tip" is also an acronym for "To Insure Promptness" and you used to tip before services for that very reason.

6. I realized that "Sudafed" is the easy name for Pseudo-ephedrine.

7. I learned that if you press and hold the space bar on the iPhone you can move the cursor instead of trying to drop it exactly where you want it.

8. Tracy Ellis Ross is Diana Ross' daughter.

9. I realized Whoopi Goldberg has no eyebrows. Did you know this? I'm so used to seeing her as she is - without them - that I never thought anything of it. Mind. Blown.

It just goes to show you're never done learning!

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