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March 22, 2019

I was in the mood to ramble today. To just throw out all the thoughts and things I've been thinking about lately.

Photo by Jason Wong on Unsplash

+ I've seen and heard plenty during my 14 years in the legal world. However, last month was a first for me. I was helping a coworker scan about 1000+ pages. She told me they were there so of course, we were on the lookout, but y'all... this was my first time having to scan dick pics.

+ Making friends as an adult is hard. We're not really forced into social interactions anymore, besides work, so we don't cross paths with anyone new in a meaningful way. I caved and created a Bumble BFF profile. I had some friend matches and conversation but it's not promising.

+ I feel like I'm getting nothing done. Between reading all the books, planning, trying to eat better, more water, hitting the gym more, not staying up past midnight, playing video games, keeping the house clean, living life.... I'm just spent.

+ I missed winter this year. I wanted one good day where you sat on the couch snuggled up watching it snow outside. Instead, it was cold, gray , and 10 degrees. But... spring is officially here so I'm moving on.

+ I deleted the Twitter app from my phone, my 2nd IG account, and my blog page from FB. It felt amazing.

+ I'm thinking about an international trip this fall. Specifically, Iceland. Have you been? If so I want to hear all about it!

+ Did you know I've stopped drinking sugar in my coffee or tea? At first I just tried to do it for all of January, but I realized it was pretty easy and I didn't miss it. You guys, I'm sugar free!

+ I'm so anxious to pay off my credit cards. It's going to take another 2-3 years before everything is done and gone but I'm focused on it and I can't wait. It will free up sooo much money and then I can feel Oprah rich.

Tell me what's going on with you?

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