Three on Thursday

March 14, 2019

Longchamp dupe *Edit: Apparently this was such a good dupe they were forced to remove the listing!*

For the longest time I wanted a Longchamp bag, and then finally got one. A year later I bought another from the outlet. For as simple as they are, they're kind of expensive. If you're looking for one, or something similar, this dupe from Amazon is PERFECT. A fraction of the cost and similar colors.

The Unread Shelf Project

I discovered Whitney's IG account/project while reading blogs from the SUYB linkup. I love the idea! I have at least 2 full shelves worth of books I've owned {many for years!} that I still haven't read.  Each month there's a new category to work with. January was to read ANY book from your shelf; February was to read something that was gifted; and this month is the book that's been on your shelf the longest.

Spigen Car Phone Mount

I ordered this a few weeks ago for the vent of the car to hold my phone. I have a navigation screen but this makes it easy to keep my phone accessible without being a distraction.

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