Are Potato Sacks Back in Style?

April 19, 2019

I have never claimed to have an eye for fashion. Sometimes I see things and think it looks stylish... but not for me. Other times I see things and thing they shouldn't be worn by anyone. right now, I'm thinking that wearing burlap is the way to go.

Image by: Photo by Artificial Photography on Unsplash

The other night I was at work doing overtime and I had some down time. I figured I'd do what any woman would do and started browsing for clothes and shoes. 

In full disclosure, I'm not happy with my size right now. Admittedly, I have 30 pounds I not only want to lose, but need to lose. But that's another post for another day.

I acknowledge that buying clothes when I intend to lose weight seems futile, but it's infinitely better than fighting with the closet every morning. The problem is.... I have no idea where to shop.

  • JCP used to be a go-to to grab a few pieces but now I feel like their clothing is keeping AARP in business. 
  • The Gap and Old Navy cuts are just weird. I am currently a 12/14 and yet those sizes in Old Navy don't fit. Sizing up doesn't work either as larger sizes - up to 18! - also don't fit. Not normal.
  • J Crew, Banana, and Loft are all wonderful but more than I want to spend on transitional pieces. Also? Spending $60 on a  cardigan doesn't fly with me.
  • Target has become so mainstream popular that everyone and their dog shops there. Not to mention that I feel like everything they sell is just this side of too casual. 
The day after I drafted this I read a post by Lindsey mirroring and better putting into words everything I was feeling. 

"And while we're on this subject - what's with the size disparity? Can we all agree on sizing standards? Why can I wear a M-XXL from the same brand (looking at you, Old Navy)? Why is sizing so drastically different between brands or within the same brand? Why do we not have standard measurements?"

Women {and men} come in all shapes and sizes and yet there are lots of brands that offer generic S-M-L sizing, often not even including larger sizes. I'm just so tired of wearing a size in a brand, and then picking up a different style, or color for that matter, and needing something completely different.

I'm tired of reasonably priced clothes looking like they're specifically made for women in their 50s {nothing wrong with this, I'm just 15+ years too young for that look right now} or as if they're still in college. I am too young for the "women's section" and too old for the juniors section. And misses seems to be just more form fitting version of the women's section.

 And so I ask again - where's a girl to shop?! Where do I go to buy some "in-between" pieces that don't break the bank and will hold up to repeated wear?

Because at this rate I'm going to start my own line of very fashionable burlap bags. 

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