SUYB - May Reads

June 11, 2019

Happy June everyone! Can you believe we're halfway through the year already?

May was a slow reading month for me. I read but nothing was amazing, which is always a bit disappointing.

Here's what I read...

Life According to Steph

 GoGo by Kazuki Kaneshiro
3 stars {Kindle}

A very short read that took me much longer than it should have. The story moves a bit slowly but overall I liked it. It touches on themes about prejudice, love, and self-discovery.
People that hate don’t understand anything you try to tell them.

It's told unconventionally (at least for me) but in a way that makes sense. One of my favorite lines was:
But you should live a random life. I mean, your life has already veered off the rails. I wish you'd keep on veering and see where it takes you.

I saw it as a reminder to just LIVE, go with the flow, and enjoy the ride.

Witch Is When Life Got Complicated (A Witch P.I. Mystery #2)Witch Is When Life Got Complicated by Adele Abbott
3 stars {Kindle Unlimited}

A lighthearted in-between read. Second in the "Which is When" series.

The Haunted Bridge (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, #15)The Haunted Bridge by Carolyn Keene
3 stars {library}

The Clue of the Tapping Heels (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, #16)The Clue of the Tapping Heels by Carolyn Keene
3 stars {library}

#16 of the original series. It's amazing how many of these I didn't read as a kid. After this, I'll still have 33 to read.

 ElevationElevation by Stephen King
3 stars {library}

This started a bit slow for me and took a while for me to just buckle down and finish it.

Scott lives in Castle Rock, ME. He’s got some issues with his neighbors... as does the entire town.

Out of nowhere he realizes he’s losing weight. Not only is he losing weight, his muscle mass isn’t changing.

 The Seduction Expert (The Seduction Expert #1)The Seduction Expert by Saya Lopez Ortega
2 stars {Netgalley}

I’m VERY confused by those calling this book “brilliant”. It’s anything but. For one, it’s full of typos and grammatical errors. If your proofreaders can’t catch these things, you need to hire new ones.

Secondly, the story is terrible. The “Baroness”, A’s the lead character is known, is a hyper-feminist dominatrix and she’s BEYOND unlikeable. She manipulates her boyfriend/fiancé the entire book and he’s too stupid to notice... until the soon-to-be MIL catches on.

Sorry I wasted my time on this.
Erin's book challenge starts up again on the first of July and I've already got my picks. Here's some of what I'll be reading next month. 

Currently Reading: Summer at the Little French Cafe

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