Time Well Spent

September 17, 2019

Last year I wrote a post about things I was giving up on. As I read back over the list it reminded me that I chose to give them up because something else was more important to me. It doesn't mean I stopped 100%, but it took a back seat in my life.

In late August I started keeping a running list of things I put energy into, my hobbies, and what's important to me. I did this because I wanted to see where my time and attention were going and, ultimately, if I wanted to continue.

Looking at this list reminds me that I have a full life. These are all things I actively keep up with and at times it can be a bit overwhelming. Some are necessary, and others I would like to put more focus on, but by investing less time, or finding a way to be more efficient, it allows me to "do it all".

I truly believe that you bring more of what you put your energy into. If you focus on the unpleasant things in your life, you're going to find more of it everywhere you look. When you focus on the good, it continues to flow your way.

I want to spend more time doing things that spark joy...
  • yoga
  • hiking
  • traveling
  • reading
  • learning
and less, or no, time on things that don't...
  • planning {no more}
  • FB groups 
  • influenster
  • tracking everything
  • slacking at inefficient times
If there's one thing that has become more apparent to me in my thirties, it's that time truly is a precious commodity. One that we can't bank or get back.
Tell me, how do you "do it all" or allocate your time without losing your mind?

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