March 13, 2020

Currently the entire world is dealing with, or more appropriately panicking over the coronavirus pandemic. It's alarming to say the least.


Last year I read To All The Boys I've Loved Before. Last Friday I watched the movie on Netflix and thought it was cute. I'll be watching the second one tonight.


Season 2 of Ashley Graham's Pretty Big Deal podcast. I don't know about you but I am legitimately obsessed with her. She's funny, smart, gorgeous, cool... #goals. I'm also listening to Regretting You by Colleen Hoover and am loving this story.


Purging all the things. I'm having a moment again. Or maybe we'll just chalk it up to spring cleaning. Either way, I'm going through everything I own and being  r u t h l e s s  about what I'm choosing to hold onto. This has a two-fold purpose. One, it helps me clean house, and second, it's helping me streamline my life.


Absolutely nowhere. We were supposed to least last night for Spain but Coronavirus fucked me. We still could have flown out to Barcelona, and would have been fine returning from Madrid, but then we would have needed to self-quarantine for 2 weeks and no one wants that. We opted not to risk it and I raged harder than a volcano because nothing was refundable.  I'm not ok. 


I wouldn't call it a spree, but I definitely refreshed my closet this month. I'll forever be a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, but when I'm in the process of losing weight, dresses are my go-to. Christine influenced me and I picked up this cute camo midi dress from Target, as well as this utility dress. Then I went back and bought it in green too. Oops. I also picked up a few things from TJM. 


As usual I'm reading more books than I have time for. Perhaps this is why I get book burnout? SMH. Still, I'm trying to be good about my ARCs. It's amazing that I get picked to read these not-yet-published books and I have to stop letting them sit on my Kindle for months at a time.


Did I mention I rejoined WW? Probably not. I've had such a love/hate relationship over the past few years. But, I hit a breaking point and rejoined at the end of January. It's been going well this time. As of last Saturday I'm down 6.6 pounds.
If anyone needs me I'll be drinking my feelings and trying to plan a long weekend mental escape.

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