Three on Thursday

May 21, 2020

It may be another day in quarantine {day 65, but who's counting),  but Dani and I have decided to lighten this one up with a bit of fun! 

Three Creature Comforts

  • Hotspots - Last Tuesday I drove up to my mom's house. I still needed to be signed into work so I used my phone to hotspot the laptop and wiggled the mouse every now and then as I drove. Disconnected connectedness!

  • Apps - Even before all of this I was a huge app user. If I can do something on my phone and limit overall interaction, I'm all for it.  
  • 2-Day Delivery - I know it's turning us into impatient monsters but I love it just the same.

Three Comfort Foods

  • Bagels - I recently found these bagels which are only 3 points! A total carb-loving win. 

  • Coffee or tea - Hands down one of my all time favorite comforts. A hot cup of coffee or tea can make anything feel calmer or more relaxed. 
  • Chipotle - It sounds crazy but Chipotle has been a major comfort food through all of this. A chicken salad bowl with guac on the side is my go to. I skip the cheese and sour cream and add it at home for portion control. But really, I could eat this all day.

Three New Recipes To Attempt

  • Zero Point Cheesecake - Sometimes I'm skeptical of WW recipes for the truly indulgent stuff since it's never even close to the same.This recipe sounds super easy and actually made sense that it would taste good. I'm making it tonight.
  • Calabacitas - I tried this for the first time in New Mexico last year and it was immediately a favorite. Again, it's super easy and I'm sure it tastes amazing! 
  • Hard-Boiled eggs - Believe it or not, I've never made these but I'd like to be able to perfect them. They're a great snack for hiking or just during the day.

Three Things Entertaining Me Right Now

  • Schitt's Creek - This is by far the funniest show I've watched in a long time! 
  • Parking lot happy hours - A few weeks ago Dani and I got together for drinks in her parking lot. Although the people watching wasn't as good as a bar, it was just as, if not more fun.

  • Sims 4 - I've been home I've been playing a few times a week. It's still a complete time suck, but it's passing the time. 

Three Shows or Movies Recently Watched

  • Joker - J hadn't seen it yet so I rented it and we watched it last Sunday. I cried in the theater, and I cried at home. It's well done, but it's truly a sad movie in my opinion.
  • Hoarders - My mom had never seen this show so when I was visiting last week we watched an episode. I haven't watched this in years but it's definitely gotten worse.  
  • Guardians of the Galaxy - Another movie J was seriously slacking on. 

Top Three Songs Played

  • Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars. I don't know what it is about this song, but the beat is infectious and it's been on replay. 
  • Murderers by John Frusciante. This is purely instrumental and I love it. I'm going to regret saying this, but it's the only thing that makes sense: this song is a vibe. 
  • All Time Low by Jon Bellion. This has been a favorite of mine for a long time, but again, the beat is infectious and I just can't get enough right now. 

Three Recent Purchases

  • Office decor - I've decided I want an office space again so I took major advantage of JoAnns summer sale and bought some decor. $269.91 for the stolen price of $64.71. Now that's a good sale!
  • Apple Watch 5 Series - I have been wanting the new watch forever. A few weeks ago Target was had them on sale for $100 off. Apple never goes on sale that much. I bought it immediately. It's amazing what a difference 2mm in screen size makes!
  • B&BW Candles - My mom messaged me this past weekend saying they were on sale and if I wanted any. I said I wanted fruit/beach scents. So now I have 3 candles coming and no idea what scent they are. It's kind of exciting!

Three Things Keeping Me Sane

  • Planning - I stepped out of the planning ring some time ago but since we've been home I've found myself not only planning, but enjoying it. 
  • Greenery - I'm a huge plant fan. Basically, the more the better. I went to Lowe's the other day specifically looking for a Monstera {they didn't have any} but I did rescue 4 new plant babies. 

  • Purging the house - I purge and reorganize all year but this time has been special. Yesterday I switched over all my seasonal clothing and went through my shoes, etc. to see what I no longer needed. 

Three Things That I Miss Most (people, places, things)

  • Brewery hopping - Two weekends ago J and I drove to a couple of our favorite breweries in NYC to pick up to-go beer. It's not the same as hanging out inside, but it was nice to still be able to drink "at" our favorite spots.
  • Restaurants - Getting delivery or picking up to-go food just isn't the same as sitting down in a restaurant with someone continuously asking me if I'd like more bread.
  • Travel - I'm not even going to try to put this in to words. I just want to go some where other than the grocery store. 

Three Things I'm Looking Forward To

  • BEACH TIME - I don't know when it will be allowed, but I'll be on the beach the first sunny day we're permitted. I have a huge blue blanket I use and it forces even those I want to be with at least 4' away. Just ask Dani, she's seen it!
  • More hiking - this isn't something I need to wait for, but I do have to wait until the weekends to give it the time I like to spend. 

  • Pampering - I know we're all experiencing this but I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to getting a mani, pedi, brow thread, wax, highlights, teeth cleaning, and a massage. I have every intention of taking the day off and treating myself. 

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